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Exonerated an Innocent Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 17 Years

In 2000, teenager Vernon Horn was convicted for a January 1999 robbery and murder at a New Haven, CT neighborhood convenience store.  The primary evidence allegedly linking Vernon Horn to the crime scene was a record of calls made from a cell phone stolen during the robbery.  The State had no physical evidence linking Vernon Horn to the crime scene. 17 years later cell site records were used to set aside the conviction.  Those records were located in the basement of a retired police detective and had never been disclosed to the defense. New evaluation of the cell phone call record established that, based on the location of the cell phone at the time of the calls, combined with which cell site towers they used, Vernon Horn could not have committed the robbery and homicide.  The new evaluation showed the first call was made from Bridgeport, CT while Vernon Horn was in New Haven, CT speaking with a police officer.  The cell site evidence also showed all five of the phone calls in question were made from Bridgeport. The physical address of each cell site and its orientation could have been obtained by the original defense team at the time simply by requesting that information through a subpoena to the cellular service provider, specifically the call detail and cell site records.  This case is a good example of the need for early assessment and collection cellular service provider records and the need for defense teams to have an up-to-date cellular service provider subpoena guide and retention schedule. See IRIS LLC Post http://bit.ly/2GgZpG7  See Newspaper Article http://bit.ly/2KKw5ep Information and tools to aid Public Defenders in pre-trial or post-conviction cases can be found through The Digital Evidence Innocence [...]

State Drops Murder Charge In Hartford Killing: Digital Evidence Proves Innocence

The Case of Anthony Christiana A photo located on a cell phone that had been taken 14 hours after a murder was the key in exonerating a man of murder.  The story began with the killing of William Prieto on August 31, 2015.  A key witness in the case stated that a clean shaven man was the gunman who killed Prieto. Anthony Christiana was then charged with his murder as well as conspiracy to commit murder, witness tampering and criminal possession of a firearm. IRIS LLC defense investigators for Attorney Glenn Conway located an old cell phone and forensically extracted in which a photo was located that had been taken approximately 14 hours after the murder showing a picture of the accused with a mustache and goatee. Read Article http://bit.ly/31XsS1a More and more digital evidence is being generated every day on all sorts of electronic devices, and being able to locate, access and interpret this time-sensitive data can make or break a criminal defense case. To assist Public Defenders in pre-trial or post-conviction cases is The Digital Evidence Innocence Initiative http://bit.ly/2X2k5LD , as well as, the IRIS LLC Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method http://bit.ly/2JYiEqz, a tool to assist in the collection and organization of digital evidence.

ICYMI: CT Man Jailed for 17 Years, Exonerated Thanks to Digital Evidence

New Haven, CT man who served 17 years in prison for murder and robbery was freed back on April 25, 2018 after he was exonerated by cellphone records. Read Article The digital evidence is out there to save more lives, but defense teams may not be as educated as the prosecution, who have access to state labs, as to what to look for, where to look for, and how to obtain all the necessary digital evidence needed to prevent or exonerate wrongful convictions. #innocenceproject #wrongfulconvictions #publicdefender #digitalevidence #digitalinnocence For further information see: Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method and Digital Evidence Innocence Initiative White Paper

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